Hey, Simon LeBon, it’s your 60th birthday later this month. You should take a chauffeur to Rio for the weekend, you wild boy, you, and listen to these covers along the way. That’s all I have. Thank you. (70 minutes)



Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy
Hungry Like the Wolf (Epic Trailer Version) Hidden Citizens feat. Tim Halperin 3:34 Reawakenings Duran Duran
New Moon on Monday – Liquid Centre Pop Radio Mix (feat. Tracy Bonham) Ajax Ray O'vaque 4:02 New Moon Ajax Single Duran Duran
Rio Brady Harris 3:00 Cover Charge Duran Duran 9
Save a Prayer David Mead 4:34 Here Comes the Reign Again: The Second British Invasion Duran Duran 5
The Chauffeur The Big Bright 3:38 I Slept Thru the 80's Duran Duran 6
Wild Boys Edmund Welles 4:17 Wild Boys Duran Duran 5
Union of the Snake Obscured By Echoes 3:45 The Stacks: Songs From The Oasis Duran Duran 2
Ordinary World Red 4:57 Innocence & Instinct Duran Duran 4
Lonely in Your Nightmare Mor 3:43 Mor Duran Duran Duran 2
The Seventh Stranger Lewis & Clarke 4:49 Making Patterns Rhyme: A Tribute to Duran Duran Duran Duran 2
Girls on Film Wesley Willis Fiasco 3:36 The Duran Duran Tribute Album Duran Duran 7
Come Undone Bachelor Girl 4:52 UnDone - The Songs Of Duran Duran Duran Duran 6
Planet Earth The Quakes 3:38 Psychobilly Goes Pop Duran Duran 6
Thank You Duran Duran 6:35 Thank You Led Zeppelin 10