Welcome to the Coverthon!

Coverville streams live every Wednesday at 1pm Mountain Time

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How you can help:

You can pledge any amount using the button below. If you’d like to sponsor an hour of the show, your business or service will be mentioned several times during the hour, and a logo or photo can be placed onscreen in the live stream. You can sponsor an hour with a donation of $150 or more, and (on a first come, first served basis) you can even pick which hour you sponsor!

This year I’m introducing “Program-A-Set”. Pledge $10 or more, and you can pick the music for a three-song set! You can either pick three specific cover songs, you can pick an artist and I’ll play three covers by or of that artist, you can even pick a word or a concept, and make me come up with three songs that all feature that concept!

And if you make a donation of $50 or more, you’ll automatically get a digital download of your choice of ANY Andrew Allen cover album. If you donate $100 or more, you’ll get digital downloads of ALL FOUR of Andrew’s albums!

Use the link below to donate, and in the notes, tell me the music you’d like to hear!

You get the Program-A-Set (see left for details) and a free album download! Choose from Smooth Federation (Star Trek covers), Free Play (video game covers), Secret Identity (superhero movie & tv theme covers), Live from the Cantina (Star Wars covers) or Jazzness (Original NES video game covers)

You get the Program-A-Set (see left for details) and you don’t have the make the difficult decision of which Andrew Album you get! Get Digital Downloads for all FIVE Andrew Allen Albums!

And you can win prizes!

Every hour, we’re going to be picking a contestant at random and giving them the chance to win GREAT prizes from the Coverville Prize Box! To be eligible, all you have to do is tweet using the hashtag #coverthon, and you’ll automatically be entered for that hour’s drawing! No purchase necessary! Need help composing a tweet? We’ve got you covered, just click the button below to automatically generate a tweet!


All times shown below are Mountain Standard Time


The Coverthon Begins!
Join Tina and I as we talk about what this event is all about, and get your early requests played!


Film Sack LIVE!
Scott Johnson, Brian Dunaway and Randy Jordan join me as we review the family classic: Sixteen Candles. Does it hold up to a 2018 audience?


Playing Your Requests!
Tina, George and I get you through the afternoon with all your Program-A-Sets. Got an idea for set of music you want to hear? Donate above and lock in your set!


The Pokemon GO Podcast LIVE!
I’m joined by Joe Ard and Charles McFall to talk about everything that’s been added to the game this week. Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee reviews, and what the heck is up with Meltan?


Soundography LIVE!
I’m joined by Hammond Chamberlain to talk music – specifically girl groups of the 60’s!


As we do every year, Sebastiaan from the Netherlands and I hang out for an hour of great music and video game rambling!


The Last Hour!
This is when we really push to see how high we can get the final tally!