Coldplay After Dentist

I think this is fantastic. And I can’t wait until someone covers it. The song may sound Coldplay-esque, but the lyrics are definitely OK Computer-era Radiohead.

Top ten covers? Meh. How about 1,892?

Shirking off the usual top ten and top twenty lists of covers, Esquire goes all in, and posts 1,892 Cover Songs Men Could Listen To. Presumably, women could listen to them too. Thanks to John, Shelby and others who emailed about this!

Coverville Musically Challenged: The Pilot

OK – this is the VERY rough pilot for a new show I’ve been working on with George (of “This 70’s Show” fame) and Don (two-time Rock Paper Scissors champion). The next episode will move to its own feed, and I’ll have an announcement...