You don’t often see me doing iPhone App reviews on Coverville. But if there’s something music-related, I’ll definitely give it a spin. Which is why I took a look at a new iPhone recording app called Retro Recorder.


If you’ve got an iPhone or iPod Touch, you might already have the 3.0 Voice Memos app. But the Retro Recorder app adds a few things that don’t come with Apple’s application. The most prominent of these is the addition of ALX, which is an audio process that can increase the fidelity of the audio by 30 dB, making recordings clearer and louder. And once you’ve recorded something using the app, you can listen to it with and without the ALX filter, so you can hear the difference. I’ve tried this, comparing voice and music recording between with ALX and without, as well as comparing it to Apple’s Voice Memo app, and I can definitely hear an improvement in Retro Recorder.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the “Retro” in Retro Recorder represents the interface, which looks like an old cassette recorder – just like the Tandy Brand I had as a kid (you know, the one I recorded my 11-year-old version of Coverville on…). The theme extends to the browse and management interface, where each of your recordings is stored and represented by an audio cassette.


Another nice feature is the ability to batch transfer recordings to a computer. If you’ve got several recordings to transfer all at once, the app actually produces a web interface that allows you to access the .wav files en masse, simply by pointing your browser to an IP address generated by the phone. This is a really cool feature, and a lot easier than emailing each individual recording to yourself. Slick.

If you do a lot of recording, whether it’s music or voice – this thing would be killer for recording lectures – you should definitely check it out. You can find out more about it at or directly at the App Store by clicking this link!