Alright, the votes are in, and I’m in the process of tabulating the results and compiling the shows. But what this countdown is missing is…


So here’s something I came up with – a fun little contest, with no specific prize except for hearing your voice in the podcast. The rules are very simple:

1. Pick a number between 1 and 40
2. Record an intro for that number in the Countdown.
3. Send it to me.

Steps 2 and 3 can be completed by calling the request line at 206-222-2683 and leaving a message.

Here’s where the fun comes in: I won’t tell you which numbers are still available, so the more unique number you pick, the better your chances are. And I will pick the intros for each number based on the following criteria:

1. Keep it short. No more than a 30 seconds, please.
2. Keep it clean.
3. The better the sound quality, the better your chances are. If I get two #27’s, I’ll pick the one with the better sound quality almost always. If you can record and email rather than use the dial-in number, all the better.
4. Feel free to plug whatever you want! Your podcast, your freelance graphic company, your hot dog stand, whatever.
5. I don’t mind if you submit a couple of entries, but don’t go nuts. Keep it three or fewer. I’ll only use one of them. And remember, I’ve got your email address/phone number.

Stumped? Here’s a sample to use if you’re really stuck: “Hi. This is [your name here] from [your show here] at [yes, your URL here], and you’re listening to Coverville. Here’s number [rnd(40)].” (But of course, you can be more creative than that)

I’ll need numbers 30 to 40 pretty quick, so if you’ve got your eye on #38, do it today!