Coverville Citizenship banner

Several years ago, I launched a premium offering for Coverville, called Coverville Citizenship. I had been getting donations to the show (which then was a primary source of income for Coverville), and wanted to figure out a way to “give back” to listeners who helped support the show.

Now, three years later, Coverville Citizenship is still going strong, and hundreds of listeners have completed their virtual passport and become citizens of the fictional town known as Coverville.

Haven’t joined yet, and wondering what all the hubbub is about? Here’s what you get as a Coverville Citizen:

Extra Episodes of Coverville
Every three to four weeks, I post a “Bonus Tracks” episode – these are shows that contain extra songs from Cover Stories and Theme shows, which were cut for time, duplication or other reasons, but are still too good to miss. Very soon, I’ll be adding a “Citizen 6” show to the lineup, which will feature 6 songs, all joined by a common theme, suggested by a current Citizen.

A New T-shirt Every Year
Every year, I’ll extend your wardrobe with one piece of awesomeness, via a newly designed and exclusive-to-Citizens t-shirt. Past t-shirts have advertised Coverville Lanes (a fictional bowling alley & bar in Coverville), to a Burger King-parodied “Have It Someone Else’s Way” shirt). The current t-shirt promotes the show while giving music fans a visual trivia game.

An Annual 100-Episode DVD
If you’ve missed any episodes from the previous 100, or you’d just like to save them outside of your local hard disk, this will especially appeal to you. Every year, along with your t-shirt, you’ll get a DVD containing the 100 annual episodes of the show. Every regular episode, including Coverville Countdowns, Annual Beatles Double-shots, Cover Stories and more will be included on your DVD, which allows you to easily transfer to your MP3 player or preferred listening device for later listening.

Discounts on DVD Archives and Other Purchases
As a Coverville Citizen, you also get great discounts on DVD Archive sets (the whole Coverville Archive from show #1 forward) and future t-shirt clearance sales!

A Good Feeling Deep Inside That You’re Supporting the Show
I can only assume you’ll feel this way. People have told me they felt this.

How do you join?

Just visit the Coverville Citizens page to get started and see all your options. From there, it’s an easy click to subscribe!

And if you’re already a Coverville Citizen, I thank you for your support!