One of the items I was selling at last year’s Coverville 500 Concert was a set of six Coverville 500 poker chips. Each chip represented one of the artists in the show: Jonathan Coulton, Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine, Chance & The Choir, Natalie Gelman, The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd, and the host for the evening, Dan Klass.

(click the image to see it full-size)

Ever since the concert, I’ve still selling them in sets of six. But today I counted, and I have just 20 sets left. And a couple of people had suggested that I actually sell a set of chips large enough for a group of folks to play a game of poker!

So today I put all the chips together into one 120-piece set, and I’m putting the whole shebang on eBay. And I’m not setting a minimum, so someone could walk away with these pretty inexpensively. And these I’ll ship anywhere in the world to the winning bidder. Here’s a link to the auction:

Coverville 500 Poker Chip Set

If you’re interested, please make an bid, no matter how small. You must might end up with a piece of Coverville history.