It’s nomination time again!

What are the best cover songs ever released?

Submit your nominees for this year’s Coverville Countdown shows. I’ll post the full list of nominees on or after December 6th, and open the list for voting. On December 20th, we’ll begin counting down your top 40 favorite covers, leading up to the final show on December 29th! (All dates subject to change. You know me.)

I don’t have the technology to strip out non-independent artists this year, but I do encourage you to nominate and vote for your favorite independent and smaller-label artists! This year, I won’t be automatically including last year’s top 40 tracks, so don’t assume that your favorites have already been nominated.

I’ve removed the limits from last year – you can nominate as many songs as you like, but I ask that you limit yourself to a maximum of five, if you could.

Also this year, we’ll be giving away a brand-new iPod as part of the Coverville Song Scramble competition. More details as we get closer to the middle of December. Prize generously supplied by Tom at the Midi Podcast!

Click the link below to submit your nominations: