The 7th Annual Coverville Countdown nominations are in, and now it’s time to vote! And since many folks pointed out that the voting system last year was a little flawed, I’ve revamped it again this year. As before, you can cast a vote for up to five songs, but now each vote only counts as one vote, whether you use one or all five. That should make it a little tougher to “stuff the ballot box”.

Vote for up to five songs using the link above by Sunday, December 19, 2010. That Tuesday, December 21, we’ll begin the five episodes counting down the top 40 covers, as voted on by you!

(Note: While I did make some corrections to songs and artists among the nominations, I’ve made no verification that some of the lesser-known songs in the nomination list actually exist in recorded fashion. If a song makes it into the top 40, but no recorded version exists, it will be removed from the list, and all songs below it will move up a notch.)

Happy voting!