The Coverville iPhone app has just been updated!


With huge thanks to Andrew in Australia, Sebastiaan in the Netherlands, and Randy right here in Denver, a new update to the Coverville iPhone App has been released. Aside from a few enhancements under the hood, you’ll find two big new features that you’re going to love:

First off, the cover database has been expanded to over 23,000 records! So when you search for your favorite tunes and artists, you’ll find far more results. (and yes, there is a Foo Fighters cover called “Humppatarzan”.)

Second, the audio player has been enhanced to take full advantage of the AAC format, not only showing you album art for the currently playing song, but also allowing you to navigate through the whole show and jump to a particular track instantly! Wanna hear song #2 again, but you’re almost at the end? No problem! Just open the menu while the show is playing, and tap track #2, and you’ll go right to it.

Don’t have the iPhone app yet? Here’s a link:

Cover Song Database - Coverville Media LLC

And yes, I’d love to have an Android version – any programmers out there who’d like to help work on that?