Coverville has been nominated for two awards in the 2008 People’s Choice Podcast Awards, and before I go any further, I want to thank those of you who went to the Podcast Awards website and put in your nominations for the show. Thank you so much. Congratulations also go out to the producers and hosts of other shows I follow and subscribe to, like Clinton from Comedy4Cast, Kristin and Erin of the Manic Mommies, Ira over at This American Life, Dr. Tiki, Johnny Johnny and La La from Tiki Bar TV, Scott and Randy from The Instance, Scott (again!), Brian and O from ExtraLife Radio, Tim and Michele from Five Hundy By Midnight and Tom, Molly and Jason from Buzz Out Loud. All are well-deserving of their nominations, and I hope they win!

I’m nominated this year in two categories, Best Podsafe Music Show, and Best Produced Show. This year, the Podsafe Music category was opened up to allow podcasts that pay royalties to play licensed music to compete as well. (This allows for nominations of bands who podcast their own music, like They Might Be Giants, as well as other shows that include cover songs as part of their catalog – like the great Acapodcast.) And while it’s absolutely an honor to be nominated in the Music category, the Best Produced nomination is an even bigger honor. And an honor that again, gets handed down to the listeners, whose feedback has caused Coverville to evolve over the years, including adding a chaptered AAC feed, user-contributed content, and more.

Starting Thursday, the voting process begins, and as the name implies, it’s the People’s Choice. For 15 days, you can vote for your favorite shows in each of the 22 categories. If you have the time, please visit on a daily basis from 10/23 to 11/6, and cast a vote for all of your favorite shows (whether or not that includes Coverville). A couple people have asked if I’ll send them a daily email to remind them (OK. It was my Mom), and I’m happy to do the same for you, or send you a message via Twitter, or even text you on your cell phone. Simply email me at the email address in the top of the left sidebar, and tell me how you’d like to be reminded, and I’ll take care of it for you!

Exposure like this helps the show reach new listeners, and can lead to revenue streams to help offset the costs of the hosting and licenses. Plus it keeps my ego well fed.

(Please note: There’s a show in the Music category called ‘Musically Challenged’. That show is in no way affiliated with Coverville, or the user-contributed trivia segment.)

Thanks again for your support of the show, and stay tuned this week for an all-indie Cover Show, a Weird Al Yankovic Cover Story, and an All-Request Show for good measure!