As I’ve mentioned before in the show, BlueHost is the hosting provider I use for Coverville, and they’ve been excellent. They’ve recently upgraded their services, and in addition to editing the little banner I have for them on the right side, I wanted to mention it in a post for those of you who view the site through an RSS reader.

The biggest change they’ve made is bandwidth. They’ve upgraded their 250GB of transfer per month to 999GB! Yes, almost a terabyte! If you’re hosting a podcast, and worried about getting popular and crashing your server, this is a great plan. They’ve also quadrupled their storage, going from 10GB of storage to 50GB. (This will allow me to now put all the archives into one domain and keep them there). And all of this is only $6.95 a month. Their customer service continues to be excellent, and their control panel is easy to navigate.

I’d recommend them even if I wasn’t getting an affiliate deal when you sign up through my site. But I do get a deal, so I ask you to please use the link on the right side of the Coverville site when you sign up. The money goes right back into the show!