As I was cleaning out some old boxes last week, I discovered a box full of 30 Coverville t-shirts. It’s shirts from the Coverville 500 concert, as well as some of the hard-to-find red Coca-Cola parody logo shirts. Most of the shirts are medium, but there are a couple XXL Coverville 500 shirts, and a small Coverville Coca-Cola shirts.


So from now until I run out, I’ll give an extra t-shirt with every Coverville Citizen sign-up (USA only, sorry)! So, you’ll get the Coverville Citizen (Burger King parody) shirt, as well as an extra shirt, the DVD and access to the Coverville Bonus Track feed!

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a Coverville Citizen, there’s no better time than now. Act now – supplies are limited!

Become a Coverville Citizen today!