Since there have been a few new visitors to the site lately, I’ll take moment to tell you about another show I do. Lyrics Undercover is an (almost) weekly show where we take a single popular song, and uncover as much of the inspiration behind it as possible. The regular, four-times-a-month feed is only $3 to subscribe, but I put an episode on the free feed the first week of every month.


This week’s free episode is “Chuck E.’s In Love”, by Rickie Lee Jones, and you’ll find out who the titular reference is in the show. Download it for free at the link above.

If you’d like to subscribe, it’s only $3 a month, and the previous 8 episodes are always kept on the feed, so if you subscribe today, in addition to “Chuck E.’s In Love”, you’ll get the following previous shows:
“Alive” – Pearl Jam
“Aqualung” – Jethro Tull
“Walk Away Renee” – Left Banke
“Sweet Caroline” – Neil Diamond
“You’re So Vain” – Carly Simon
“Freedom” – Richie Havens
and “In The Summertime” – Mungo Jerry

We must be on a “real-life inspirations” kick, because a few of those songs were based on real people, who we divulge in the show (except for one, and only two people know who that is).