I’ve got some very smart listeners.

You know, as someone who actually graduated college with a Visual Communications degree, you’d think I’d know better.

But many of the comments I’ve received about the new branding bring up excellent points, that in all the time I’ve been doing this, I’d forgotten. I think the most important of which is the brand interpretation. If someone were to just see the logo, whether it’s on a business card, another website, a t-shirt, etc., would they know what the show is about, instantly? I guess there’s no real easy way to iconify “cover songs”, but what the old logo did was convey two things:

The postcard-style text (which I think only gets recognized as such by people over 30) suggests that Coverville is a place.

The CDs in the background (and the album covers in the original version), convey music.

Coverville is a place for music. Throw the word “Cover” in there, from the title, and you’ve got the gist of it:

A place for cover music.

While I think the new logo looks spectacular, and absolutely gorgeous, it doesn’t say what Coverville is, and I don’t have a big enough name (yet) to be universally recognizable with any branding.

I guess my biggest concern with the current (postcard-style) logo is that it doesn’t translate well in smaller sizes, and it doesn’t work well in black and white. Perhaps I simply need to improve those elements, as opposed to a radical (in both senses of the word) change like this. Perhaps not. There’s an old-fashioned look to the postcard-styled logo that I don’t like. And it’s instantly rectified by the look of the new logo.

With most things show-related, for this I turn to you as a listener of the show, to pass on suggestions for improvements that can be made to the look and feel of the logo, as well as the website. And as a special treat – something that I think I’ve only shown the group that attended the Podcast Expo presentation I did in 2005 – here is a scan of the original concept artwork for Coverville.

This was done about a week before I recorded the first show.