Coverthon raises $4150.18

I’m finally sitting behind the computer again after wrapping up the Coverthon yesterday. 24 hours of covers, fantastic guests, a lively and hilarious chat room, and in-studio support from Tina, George, Tristan and a quick visit from my mom and Grandmother! And through it all, we raised $4150.18, half of which (after PayPal takes their chunk) will be going to Alzheimer’s Research. The other half will be used over the next year for various Coverville expenses, including licensing, equipment and software.

I wanted to extend an extra thank you to the great sponsors and guests who gave generously of their time, their products and services, and their hard-earned cash.

Thanks to the sponsors of the Coverthon:

And thanks to my fabulous guests:

Thanks also to Nicole and Marc Spagnuolo, who were scheduled to be on together, but because of a time kerfuffle were left off. I’m inviting them onto an episode of Coverville as special guests, where we can talk about their excellent podcast and community, The Wood Whisperer.

And finally, and most importantly, I want to thank everyone who donated. There’s no question that the economy is hurting for a lot of people right now, and witnessing the generosity and positivity that everyone showed is a truly humbling experience. Whether you gave money or just your support, I thank you, Tina thanks you.