1. Breakfast In Coverville: The deadline for entries is coming up quickly! Make sure to get something sent in by March 22, 2009 to be included in the downloadable album.

The last Coverville Idol – the Squeeze edition – has become one of the most popular shows I’ve done in the past few months, and I’m happy to announce that Chris Difford, half of the duo that make up the core of Squeeze, liked the covers from Coverville Idol so much, he now plays them before walking out on stage in concert. I think that’s praise well-deserved for the talented musicians who put those covers together.

2. I’m back from the mediaXchange Conference in Las Vegas, and I’m exhausted. Should have a Cover Story up in the next couple days though. So many on the list to do. And a Lyrics Undercover tomorrow!

3. iTunes links are a little crazy right now. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t – but we’re trying to work it all out so that the links are functional, and still provide me with a little affiliate money for the show.