Yes, that’s the first of what will probably become millions of Wii puns for me, as I begin co-hosting duties with Charlie George for The Podcast Network’s newest show, The Wii Show, which talks about all the latest news about the Nintendo Wii. It will be a weekly (or is that “Wii-kly” [#2]) show with guest interviews, game reviews, and tips and tricks.

Be warned, our first show is long – and all over the place. We’re figuring out our rhythm, and we should have our schtick nailed down by the second or third show.

If you have a Wii, feel free to add my friend code: 0902 2288 9532 6147. Don’t forget to send me yours, and I’ll make sure to send you your very own Bibby Mii to roam around in your plaza, boring your Miis with misinformation about cover songs.

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