Episode(s) Title Length Artwork Album Buy Original Artist Versions Year
Space Oddity (Mitty Mix) [feat. Kristen Wiig] 5:11 The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty David Bowie 2013
The Drowned Girl 2:26 The Best Of 1980/1987 Kurt Weill 2009
Alabama Song (Aufstieg Und Fall Der Stadt Mahagonny) (2005 Digital Remaster) 3:52 The Best Of 1980/1987 Kurt Weill/Doors 2009
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere 3:08 Replay - Fresh New Remakes Of Yesterday's Classics Who 4 2009
Let’s Spend The Night Together 3:07 Paint It Black: The Compilatition of the Rolling Stones Cover Tracks Rolling Stones 9 2006
Waterloo Sunset 3:28 Reality Kinks 12 2003
Cactus 2:54 Heathen Pixies 2002
Pictures Of Lily 5:01 Substitute - The Songs Of The Who Who 2 2001
Nature Boy 3:25 Moulin Rouge Eden Ahbez/Nat King Cole 8 2001
America 4:26 The Concert for New York City Simon & Garfunkel 8 2001
It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City 3:51 One Step Up/Two Steps Back: The Songs Of Bruce Springsteen Bruce Springsteen 1997
God Only Knows 3:08 Tonight Beach Boys 29 1984
I Keep Forgettin’ 2:35 Tonight Artwoods 1984
China Girl 4:17 Changesbowie iggy Pop 1983
I Can’t Explain 2:11 Pin-Ups Who 4 1973
Here Comes The Night 3:09 Pin-Ups Lulu/Them 3 1973
See Emily Play 4:12 Pin-Ups Pink Floyd 7 1973
Growin’ Up 3:26 Pin-Ups Bruce Springsteen 1973
Where Have All The Good Times Gone 2:41 Pin-Ups Kinks 2 1973
Rosalyn 2:22 Pin-Ups Pretty Things 1973
Don’t Bring Me Down 2:05 Pin-Ups Pretty Things 1973
Sorrow 2:53 Pin-Ups McCoys 2 1973
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere 3:12 Pin-Ups Who 4 1973
I Wish You Would 2:48 Pin-Ups Billy Boy Arnold 1973
Everything’s Alright 2:28 Pin-Ups Frank Frost 1973
Shapes Of Things 2:53 Pin-Ups Yardbirds 6 1973
Round And Round 2:41 Sound + Vision I Chuck Berry 1973
A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You (BBC) 2:23 Chameleon Chronicles Volume 2 Monkees 1967

Covered by other artists

Title Versions
1984 2
A Letter to Hermoine
A Space Oddity (Instrumental Mix)
Absolute Beginners
Afraid of Americans
African Night Flight
After All 2
All The Madmen
All The Young Dudes 3
Always Crashing In The Same Car 4
Andy Warhol 5
Andy Worhol
Angel No.9
Angels Have Gone (Instrumental Mix)
Art Decade
As The World Falls
As The World Falls Down 3
Ashes to Ashes 11
Ashes to Ashes (Digital Spacepop Replicant)
Backed A Loser
Be My Wife 3
Bewlay Brothers
Big Brother
Blackstar (Featuring Anna Calvi)
Blue Jean
Boys Keep Swinging 7
Cat People
Cat People (Putting Out Fire) 4
Changed (Instrumental Mix)
Changes 11
China Girl 8
Cracked Actor 3
Diamond Dogs
Did You Ever Have A Dream
Drive-In Saturday
Easy (Instrumental Mix)
Everyone Says High (Instrumental Mix)
Everything Is You
Falling through space
Fame 7
Fashion 4
Five Years 5
Five Years (Live In New York)
God Knows I’m Good
Golden Years 7
Growing Up And I’m Fine
Hallo Spaceboy
Hang On To Yourself 3
Heathen (The Rays)
Helden 2
Helden (Single Version) (Featuring John Cameron Mitchell)
Heroes 20
Heroes (feat. Nicole Atkins)
Heroes (Featuring John Cameron Mitchell)
Heroes (wildebeest mix)
Hey Ma Get Papa
I Am A Laser
I Am Divine
I’m Afraid Of Americans
I’m Deranged 2
It Ain’t Easy 2
Jean Baltazaarrr (Jean Genie)
Jean Genie 4
John I’m Only Dancing 3
Kooks 3
Kooks (feat. Hal Fowler)
Lady Grinnin Soul
Lady Grinning Soul
Lady Stardust 2
Let’s Dance 9
Let’s Dub (Instrumental Mix)
Life On Mars 5
Life On Mars? (Instrumental)
Little Wonder
Look Back In Anger 2
Loving The Alien
Marching Home (Instrumental Mix)
Memory Of A Free Festival 2
Modern Love 9
Moonage Daydream 7
Music Is Lethal
Never Get Sound and Vision (Atkins Diet Mix)
O Astronauta De Marmore (Starman)
Oh You Pretty Thing
Oh! You Pretty Things 2
Over The Wall We Go
Panic In Detroit 2
People From Bad Homes
Queen Bitch 4
Quicksand 4
Rebel Rebel 13
Red Money
Red Sails
Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide 3
Rock ‘n’ Roll With Me
Rock And Roll Suicide
Savior Machine
Saviour Machine (composed by David Bowie)
Scary Monsters
Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) 3
Secret Life Of Arabia
Silly Boy Blue
Silver Treetop School For Boys
Sons of the Silent Age
Soul Love
Sound & Vision
Sound + Vision (en espanol)
Sound And Vision 3
Space Oddity 20
Space Oddity (Bonus track)
Space Oddity (Mitty Mix) [feat. Kristen Wiig]
Space Oddity (spanish)
Space Oddity (w/Candice Night & Ritchie Blackmore)
Space Oddity (Featuring Neil Gaiman)
Speed of Life
Starman 9
Starman (Bonus Track)
Starman (Portugese)
Starmann (Instrumental Mix)
Suffragette City 8
Suffragette City (Live)
Surfer Jet City
The Bewlay Brothers 2
The Gospel According to Tony Day
The Heart’s Filthy Lesson
The Jean Genie 5
The Jean Genie (Originally By David Bowie)
The Laughing Gnome 2
The Man Who Sold the World 17
The Prettiest Star
The Secret Life of Arabia
The Sound of Fame (Instrumental Mix)
The Sun Machine (Memory Of A Free Festival)
The Supermen 2
Theme from Cat People
Things To Do
This Is Not America
This Is Not America (From the film Falcon & The Snowman)
Thursday’s Starchild (Instrumental Mix)
Time 3
Wagon Wheel
Watch That Man 2
When I’m Five
White Light, White Heat
Width Of A Circle 2
Within You 2
You Belong In Rock N’ Roll
Young Americans 3
Ziggy Stardawn (Instrumental Mix)
Ziggy Stardust 10