Episode(s) Title Length Artwork Album Buy Original Artist Versions Year
Space Oddity (Mitty Mix) [feat. Kristen Wiig] 5:11 The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty David Bowie 2013
The Drowned Girl 2:26 The Best Of 1980/1987 Kurt Weill 2009
Alabama Song (Aufstieg Und Fall Der Stadt Mahagonny) (2005 Digital Remaster) 3:52 The Best Of 1980/1987 Kurt Weill/Doors 2009
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere 3:08 Replay - Fresh New Remakes Of Yesterday's Classics Who 4 2009
Let’s Spend The Night Together 3:07 Paint It Black: The Compilatition of the Rolling Stones Cover Tracks Rolling Stones 9 2006
Waterloo Sunset 3:28 Reality Kinks 12 2003
Cactus 2:54 Heathen Pixies 2002
Pictures Of Lily 5:01 Substitute - The Songs Of The Who Who 2 2001
Nature Boy 3:25 Moulin Rouge Eden Ahbez/Nat King Cole 8 2001
America 4:26 The Concert for New York City Simon & Garfunkel 8 2001
It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City 3:51 One Step Up/Two Steps Back: The Songs Of Bruce Springsteen Bruce Springsteen 1997
God Only Knows 3:08 Tonight Beach Boys 29 1984
I Keep Forgettin’ 2:35 Tonight Artwoods 1984
China Girl 4:17 Changesbowie iggy Pop 1983
I Can’t Explain 2:11 Pin-Ups Who 4 1973
Here Comes The Night 3:09 Pin-Ups Lulu/Them 3 1973
See Emily Play 4:12 Pin-Ups Pink Floyd 7 1973
Growin’ Up 3:26 Pin-Ups Bruce Springsteen 1973
Where Have All The Good Times Gone 2:41 Pin-Ups Kinks 2 1973
Rosalyn 2:22 Pin-Ups Pretty Things 1973
Don’t Bring Me Down 2:05 Pin-Ups Pretty Things 1973
Sorrow 2:53 Pin-Ups McCoys 2 1973
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere 3:12 Pin-Ups Who 4 1973
I Wish You Would 2:48 Pin-Ups Billy Boy Arnold 1973
Everything’s Alright 2:28 Pin-Ups Frank Frost 1973
Shapes Of Things 2:53 Pin-Ups Yardbirds 7 1973
Round And Round 2:41 Sound + Vision I Chuck Berry 1973
A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You (BBC) 2:23 Chameleon Chronicles Volume 2 Monkees 1967

Covered by other artists

Title Versions
1984 2
A Letter to Hermoine
A Space Oddity (Instrumental Mix)
Absolute Beginners
Afraid of Americans
African Night Flight
After All 2
All The Madmen
All The Young Dudes 3
Always Crashing In The Same Car 4
Andy Warhol 5
Andy Worhol
Angel No.9
Angels Have Gone (Instrumental Mix)
Art Decade
As The World Falls
As The World Falls Down 3
Ashes to Ashes 12
Ashes to Ashes (Digital Spacepop Replicant)
Backed A Loser
Be My Wife 3
Bewlay Brothers
Big Brother
Blackstar (Featuring Anna Calvi)
Blue Jean
Boys Keep Swinging 7
Cat People
Cat People (Putting Out Fire) 4
Changed (Instrumental Mix)
Changes 11
China Girl 8
Cracked Actor 3
Diamond Dogs
Did You Ever Have A Dream
Drive-In Saturday
Easy (Instrumental Mix)
Everyone Says High (Instrumental Mix)
Everything Is You
Falling through space
Fame 7
Fashion 4
Five Years 6
Five Years (Live In New York)
God Knows I’m Good
Golden Years 7
Growing Up And I’m Fine
Hallo Spaceboy
Hang On To Yourself 3
Heathen (The Rays)
Helden 2
Helden (Single Version) (Featuring John Cameron Mitchell)
Heroes 20
Heroes (feat. Nicole Atkins)
Heroes (Featuring John Cameron Mitchell)
Heroes (wildebeest mix)
Hey Ma Get Papa
I Am A Laser
I Am Divine
I’m Afraid Of Americans
I’m Deranged 2
It Ain’t Easy 2
Jean Baltazaarrr (Jean Genie)
Jean Genie 4
John I’m Only Dancing 3
Kooks 3
Kooks (feat. Hal Fowler)
Lady Grinnin Soul
Lady Grinning Soul
Lady Stardust 2
Let’s Dance 10
Let’s Dub (Instrumental Mix)
Life On Mars 5
Life On Mars? (Instrumental)
Little Wonder
Liv Pa Mars
Look Back In Anger 2
Loving The Alien
Marching Home (Instrumental Mix)
Memory Of A Free Festival 2
Modern Love 10
Moonage Daydream 9
Music Is Lethal
Never Get Sound and Vision (Atkins Diet Mix)
O Astronauta De Marmore (Starman)
Oh You Pretty Thing
Oh! You Pretty Things 2
Over The Wall We Go
Panic In Detroit 2
People From Bad Homes
Queen Bitch 4
Quicksand 4
Rebel Rebel 14
Red Money
Red Sails
Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide 3
Rock ‘n’ Roll With Me
Rock And Roll Suicide
Savior Machine
Saviour Machine (composed by David Bowie)
Scary Monsters
Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) 3
Secret Life Of Arabia
Silly Boy Blue
Silver Treetop School For Boys
Sons of the Silent Age
Soul Love 2
Sound & Vision
Sound + Vision (en espanol)
Sound And Vision 4
Space Oddity 20
Space Oddity (Bonus track)
Space Oddity (Mitty Mix) [feat. Kristen Wiig]
Space Oddity (spanish)
Space Oddity (w/Candice Night & Ritchie Blackmore)
Space Oddity (Featuring Neil Gaiman)
Speed of Life
Starman 11
Starman (Bonus Track)
Starman (Portugese)
Starmann (Instrumental Mix)
Suffragette City 11
Suffragette City (Live)
Surfer Jet City
The Bewlay Brothers 2
The Gospel According to Tony Day
The Heart’s Filthy Lesson
The Jean Genie 6
The Jean Genie (Originally By David Bowie)
The Laughing Gnome 2
The Man Who Sold the World 18
The Prettiest Star
The Secret Life of Arabia
The Sound of Fame (Instrumental Mix)
The Sun Machine (Memory Of A Free Festival)
The Supermen 2
Theme from Cat People
Things To Do
This Is Not America
This Is Not America (From the film Falcon & The Snowman)
Thursday’s Starchild (Instrumental Mix)
Time 3
Wagon Wheel
Watch That Man 2
When I’m Five
White Light, White Heat
Width Of A Circle 2
Within You 2
You Belong In Rock N’ Roll
Young Americans 4
Ziggy Stardawn (Instrumental Mix)
Ziggy Stardust 10