Covered by other artists

Title Versions
(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman
A Long Way From Home
A Well Respected Man 2
Act Nice and Gentle
Act Nice And Gentle (Live Acoustic Session)
All Day & All of the Night
All Day And All Of The Night 3
All Day and All of the Night / Destroyer 2
Animal Farm
Apeman (Kinks)
Art Lover
Autumn Almanac
Back out in the Street
Better Things 4
Better Things (live)
Better Things (trunc)
Big Sky 4
Catch Me Now, I’m Falling
Celluloid Heroes 4
Come Dancing 2
Come on Now
Complicated Life
David Watts 2
Days 5
Days / This Time Tomorrow 2
Dead End Street 2
Dedicated Follower Of Fashion 2
Diamond July
Do You Remember Walter?
Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy
Fancy 3
Father Christmas
Feeling Bad Love
Get Back In Line
Gotta Get the First Plane Home
I Go To Sleep 2
I Gotta Move
I Need You
I Want You
I’m Not Like Everybody Else 2
It’s Alright
Johnny Thunder
Lola 6
Lola (if you ever…)
Long Way from Home
Love and Hope
Mail Box
Muswell Hillbilly
No Love Inside
No Return 2
Not My Revolution
Nothing in This World Can Stop Me Worrin’ Bout That Girl
Pale White Lilly
People Take Pictures of Each Other
Picture Book 6
Postcard From London (Single Version with Chrissie Hynde) [feat. Chrissie Hynde]
Ring the Bells
Rosie Won’t You Please Come Home (feat. Gustav Kragh)
Scooter Girl
See My Friends 3
See My Friends (feat. Olga Ruocco)
See My Friends [feat. The Crouch End Festival Chorus]
Session Man
She Loves the Morning
Sitting on My Sofa
Song to Say Hello
Steam Train
Stop Your Sobbing 2
Strangers 2
Sunny Afternoon 8
Tell Me Now So I Know
The Village Green Preservation Society
The Way Love Used to Be
The Worshippers
There’s a Fire
This Is Where I Belong 3
This Man He Weeps Tonight
This Strange Effect 2
This Time Tomorrow 3
Till the End of Day
Till The End Of The Day 3
Tired Of Strollin
Tired of Waiting
Tired Of Waiting For You 5
Victoria 5
Village Green
Village Green Preservation Society 2
Waterloo Sunset 12
Waterloo Sunset (live)
Waterloo Sunset (Oxford London Temple version)
Waterloo Sunset [feat. The Crouch End Festival Chorus]
Where Have All The Good Times Gone
Who Will Be the Next in Line 2
Wicked Annabella 2
Working Man’s Cafe
You Really Got Me 13
You Really Got Me (Featuring Lucy Woodward)
You Really Got Me (LP Version)
You Really Got Me – Kubittake
You Shouldn’t Be Sad
You’ve Really Got Me