Episode(s) Title Length Artwork Album Buy Original Artist Versions Year
Don’t Stop (feat. Maiya Sykes) 4:04 Jazz Me Outside, Pt. 1 Fleetwood Mac 2018
Africa 3:30 Blue Mirror Toto 14 2018
Just What I Needed 3:35 New Gramophone, Who Dis? Cars 14 2017
Every Breath You Take (feat. Vonzell Solomon) 3:20 Every Breath You Take Police 2017
All The Small Things (feat. Puddles Pity Party) 3:24 Fake Blues Blink-182 2017
Don’t Look Back In Anger (feat. Maiya Sykes) 5:42 Fake Blues Oasis 2017
Feel Good Inc. 4:22 Fake Blues Gorillaz 4 2017
Harry Potter Jazz Variations 2:49 Fake Blues Movie theme 2017
Nothing Else Matters (feat. Caroline Baran) 4:51 Fake Blues Metallica 2017
Poker Face (feat. Kelley Jakle) 3:01 Fake Blues Lady Gaga 2017
Look What You Made Me Do (feat. Kenton Chen) 3:55 Look What You Made Me Do Taylor Swift 2017
All Star (feat. Vonzell Solomon) 3:49 New Gramophone, Who Dis? Smashmouth 2017
Say It Ain’t So (feat. Dani Armstrong) 3:44 New Gramophone, Who Dis? Weezer 2017
Smells Like Teen Spirit (feat. Alisan Porter) 5:19 Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana 2017
That’s What I Like (feat. LaVance Colley & Lee Howard) 3:44 That's What I Like Bruno Mars 2017
Who Can It Be Now? (feat. Sara Niemietz) 3:22 Who Can It Be Now? Men At Work 2017
Bye Bye Bye (2016 North American Cast Version) 4:17 33 Resolutions Per Minute N*SYNC 2017
Spiderwebs (feat. Belle Jewel) 3:57 Spiderwebs No Doubt 2017
Sorry (feat. Shoshana Bean) 3:56 PMJ and Chill Justin Bieber 2016
Bye Bye Bye (feat. Tara Louise) 4:17 PMJ and Chill N*SYNC 2016
Ex’s & Oh’s (feat. Lisa Gary) 2:47 PMJ and Chill Elle King 2016
Here (feat. Aubrey Logan) 3:46 PMJ and Chill Alessia Cara 2016
I’m Not the Only One (feat. Maiya Sykes) 3:55 PMJ and Chill Sam Smith 2016
Hotline Bling (feat. Cristina Gatti) 3:02 PMJ and Chill Drake 2016
Ignition (Remix) [feat. Rayvon Owen] 3:19 PMJ and Chill R. Kelly 2016
Love Yourself (feat. Sara Niemietz) 4:19 PMJ and Chill Justin Bieber 2016
Hello (feat. Maiya Sykes) 4:18 PMJ and Chill Adele 2016
Just Like Heaven (feat. Natalie Angst) 4:22 PMJ and Chill Cure 2016
Focus (feat. LaVance Colley) 3:21 PMJ and Chill Ariana Grande 2016
Thinking Out Loud (feat. Holly Campbell-Smith) 3:51 PMJ and Chill Ed Sheeran 2016
Heroes (feat. Nicole Atkins) 4:08 PMJ and Chill David Bowie 2016
Creep (feat. Haley Reinhart) 4:43 Creep (feat. Haley Reinhart) - Single Radiohead 2015
Get Lucky 3:48 Twist is the New Twerk Daft Punk/Pharrell Williams 3 2014