Coverville-Bonus-Tracks-episodes.jpgFeaturing music you didn’t hear in the following Coverville episodes, and set aside for your Coverville Citizen listening pleasure:


This episode of Coverville Bonus Tracks features:

Title Artist Album Original Artist
1 Album Dear Boy Bodies Of Water Ram On L.A. Paul McCartney
2 Album Another Day Cherry Twister Coming Up! Paul McCartney
3 Album Jet Shonen Knife Super Group Paul McCartney
4 Album Some People Never Know We All Together We All Together Paul & Linda McCartney We All Together - We All Together
5 Album Rock Lobster Brixton Robbers Rocks and Cranes B-52’s
6 Album Mesopotamia Karmadoza The K-52’s: A Tribute To The B-52’s B-52’s Mesopotamia - The K-52's: A Tribute to the B-52's
7 Album It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me Hussalonia Glass Houses Billy Joel
8 Album Against The Wind Paul Anka Classic Songs, My Way Bob Seger Classic Songs, My Way - Paul Anka

37 minutes | This episode is part of the Coverville: Bonus Tracks feed, a series produced as a thank you for Coverville Citizens. To subscribe to the Coverville: Bonus Tracks feed, visit The Coverville Citizen Page

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