Call him what you will. Declan Patrick McManus. Napoleon Dynamite. Howard Coward. Elvis Costello. To celebrate his 52nd birthday, I bring you the Elvis Costello Cover Story, complete with a co-host, Mr. Chris Browne! Here’s what we play in-between our endless blather:

Title Artist Original Version Found On:
(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding? Brinsley Schwarz Elvis covered it on Armed Forces
Oliver’s Army Blur Armed Forces
Alison Linda Ronstadt My Aim Is True
Busy Bodies Fastball Armed Forces
Girls Talk Elvis Costello Taking Liberties
Girls Talk Dave Edmunds Dave covered it on Repeat When Necessary
Shipbuilding Tasmin Archer Punch the Clock
Days Elvis Costello Originally by the Kinks from Kink Kronicles
Tear Off Your Own Head The Bangles When I Was Cruel

55 minutes |

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