Three birthdays to celebrate this week: The 50th birthday of Pharrell Williams, the 60th birthday of Mark Oliver Everett (better known as E) of The Eels, and what would have been the 90th birthday of Vangelis. Cover stories for all three, I say! (60 minutes)



Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy
Ja Des Gfreid Mi The Heimatdamisch 3:58 Highway To Oberkrain Pharrell Williams
Get Lucky Miracles of Modern Science 3:50 Get Lucky Daft Punk 8
Frontin’ GoldLink 4:17 Triple J's Like a Version 14 Pharrell Williams 3
Feels Halocene 3:26 We've Got It Covered: Vol 4 Calvin Harris/Pharrell Williams/Katy Perry/Big Sean
Blurred Lines The Beef Seeds 3:52 Songs from the Campfire Robin Thicke 2
Novocaine For The Soul (feat. Sir Chloe) Portugal. The Man 2:40 Steal My Sunshine / Novocaine For The Soul (feat. Cherry Glazerr & Sir Chloe) - Single Eels
Your Lucky Day in Hell Raquel Ralha & Pedro Renato 4:04 The Devil's Choice, Vol. II - Heavenly Tales Eels
That Look You Give That Guy Sammy Oatts 3:59 Songjackers Eels 4
Flyswatter (Instrumental) Moe Lee 1:22 What We Have To Offer Eels
Jennifer Eccles (Alternate Version) Eels 3:18 B-Sides & Rarities - 1996-2003 Hollies
Spiritual High (State of Independence), Pt. 2 Amanda Vincent, J.F.T. Hood & Moodswings 4:57 Moodfood Jon & Vangelis
Blade Runner Theme Oscar Salguero 4:27 Lounge Of Love Vol.3 (The Chillout Songbook) Vangelis
Chariots Of Fire The Maccabees 2:38 Dermot O'Leary Presents The Saturday Sessions 2013 Vangelis 2