We start off with some music, give away a Pez MP3 player, and then Tina joins me for a Mostly Trivial Musically Challenged and a Podcast Expo wrap-up (if we forgot to mention meeting you, we apologize!). Want more details? OK, here you go:

Title Artist Album Original Artist
Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want Dream Academy Somewhere in the Sun: Best of the Dream Academy The Smiths
Guns of Brixton The Dropkick Murphys The Singles Collection The Clash
Ziggy Stardust Bauhaus Singles: 1979-1983, Volume 2 David Bowie
The Man Who Sold the World The House Band with Jordis Unga Rock Star: A Night at the Mayan Theatre David Bowie

45 minutes |

There’s a “Mostly Trivial” Musically Challenged in this show! Make sure to check out Johnee Bee’s podcast, Mostly Trivial!

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(addendum) By request, and because I should have done this from the beginning, here are links to some of the shows Tina and I talked about in the episode:

Verge of the Fringe

The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

The Bitterest Pill (A Coverville Favorite!)