At long last! Due to scheduling conflicts, our guest judges weren’t able to make it for this edition, but I promise you that we’ll have guest judges for the next one.

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Here’s what’s on the show tonight:

Title Artist Original Artist
Fall on Me Jordan D. White R.E.M.
The Final Countdown UkeCast International Orchestra Europe
Leaps and Bounds The Madden Family Paul Kelly
Let’s Go All The Way James Ghofulpo Sly Fox
No Plane On Sunday donnied and bigg of the Brothers Broadband Jimmy Buffett
Point Of No Return State Shirt Expose
Say You Say Me Seu & Samie Lionel Richie
Sledgehammer The Fritters Peter Gabriel
That’s Just The Way It Is Dave Von Bieker Bruce Hornsby
Walk Like An Egyptian No Strings Attached Bangles
Wang Chung Tonight Undercover Wang Chung

39 minutes |

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