Whew – almost done! Continuing the My Favorite Cover Countdown 2004. This episode’s got a lot of covers of the pioneers of rock and roll. Here’s what you’ll hear tonight:

“Suzanne” – Neil Diamond (originally Leonard Cohen)

“Brilliant Disguise” – Elvis Costello (originally Bruce Springsteen)

“Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters (live)” – The Indigo Girls (originally Elton John)

“Only Love Can Break Your Heart” – Juliana Hatfield (originally Neil Young)

“Tiny Dancer” – Ben Folds (originally Elton John)

“Hurt” – Johnny Cash (originally Nine Inch Nails)

“Blackbird” – Sarah McLachlan (originally The Beatles)

Here’s a link to the Coverville Countdown iMix in Apple iTunes

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