Here’s on what’s on the show tonight:

Title (with link to iTunes, if available) Artist (with link to the artists’ website, if available) Album (with link to, if available) Original Artist
My Father’s House Ben Harper Badlands: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska Bruce Springsteen
Father To Son The Enemy Radio One: Established 1967 Cat Stevens
Run To Me 54 Seconds (feat. Spencer Gibb) A Song For My Father Bee Gees
Father’s Day Mick Thomas The Best of Acoustic, Vol. 1 Weddings, Parties, Anything
St. Judy’s Comet Ira Gonzalez Until Paul Simon
Rhythm Of Life Diana Ross & The Temptations Anthology Sweet Charity/Sammy Davis Jr.

54 minutes |

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There are TWO Musically Challengeds in this show! Thanks to Thomas and Michael for sending them in! Check out Thomas’ podcast, Better In The Dark !

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