Here’s on what’s on the show tonight:

1 Album

Strawberry Switchblade
Platinum Collection
Orig. Dolly Parton
2 Album

Islands In The Stream
Troy Cassar-Daley & Ella Hooper
Rockwiz Duets
Orig. Bee Gees/Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton
3 Album

Why’d You Come In Here Looking Like That (Duet with Nina Per
Jill Johnson
Music Row
Orig. Dolly Parton
4 Album

9 to 5 (Parton)
Janie Porche
The Laws of Average
Orig. Dolly Parton
5 Album

Time For Me To Fly
Dolly Parton
White Limozeen
Orig. REO Speedwagon
6 Album

I Will Always Love You
Melissa Etheridge
Just Because I’m A Woman: Songs Of Dolly Parton
Orig. Dolly Parton
7 Album

City Hall
Vienna Teng
Dreaming Through the Noise
Orig. Vienna Teng
8 Album

Stairway to Heaven
Dolly Parton
Halos & Horns
Orig. Led Zeppelin

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