Here’s on what’s on the show tonight:

1 Album

Corinne Bailey Rae
Radio 1’s Live Lounge Volume 2
Orig. Justin Timberlake
2 Album

Cry Me A River
The Be Arthurs
Orig. Justin Timberlake
3 Album

Rock Your Body
Kiko and S. Deschezeaux
Orig. Justin Timberlake
4 Album

Like I Love You / Slow
Even Better Than the Real Thing, Vol. 2 (Today FM Live Recording)
Orig. Justin Timberlake/Kylie Minogue
5 Album

The Hoosiers
Radio 1’s Live Lounge 3
Orig. Justin Timberlake
6 Album

What Goes Around
The Brown Derbies
Ridin’ Derby
Orig. Justin Timberlake
7 Album

Sexy Nation Army
Josh Woodward (website)
Reject Bin (free download)
Orig. Justin Timberlake/White Stripes
8 Album

Tearin’ Up My Heart
Vanilla Fudge
The Return
Orig. N*SYNC

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