Here’s on what’s on the show tonight:

1 Album

Concrete Jungle
Orig. Bob Marley
2 Album

Lonesome Track
Regatta 69
Skandalous: I’ve Gotcha Covered
Orig. Bob Marley
3 Album

Get Up Stand Up
Salmonella Dub
Like A Version
Orig. Bob Marley
4 Album

Is This Love
Orig. Bob Marley
5 Album

No Woman No Cry
Garland Jeffreys
The Roots Of Rock: Rock ‘n’ Reggae
Orig. Bob Marley
6 Album

Natural Mystic
Luka Bloom
Keeper of the Flame
Orig. Bob Marley
7 Album

Redemption Song
Chris Cornell
Unplugged in Sweden
Orig. Bob Marley
8 Album

Three Little Birds
The Postmarks
By the Numbers
Orig. Bob Marley
9 Album

One Love
Jason Mraz
Gap Favorite Songs: Fall 2005
Orig. Bob Marley

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