Here’s on what’s on the show tonight:

1 Album

Joe Henry
2 Album

Tainted Love
Gloria Jones
Orig. Covered by Soft Cell
Gloria Jones - Vixen - Tainted Love (1976 Recording)
3 Album

A Certain Girl
Ernie K-Doe
The New Orleans Hit Story 1950 – 1970 CD1
Orig. Covered by Warren Zevon
4 Album

Spider + Between The Lines
Orig. Covered by The Babys
5 Album

Bette Davis Eyes
Jackie Deshannon
New Arrangement
Orig. Covered by Kim Carnes
6 Album

True Love and Apple Pie
Susan Shirley
True Love and Apple Pie
Orig. Covered by Coca-Cola/Hillside Singers
7 Album

Piece of My Heart
Erma Franklin
The Oxford American 2005 Southern Music CD
Orig. Covered by Janis Joplin
8 Album

Killing Me Softly
Lori Lieberman
A Thousand Dreams
Orig. Covered by Roberta Flack
9 Album

I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself
Tommy Hunt
The Scepter Records Story, Vol. 2
Orig. Covered by Dusty Springfield

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