1 Album

When Will I See You Again
Other People’s Songs
Orig. Three Degrees
Erasure - Other People's Songs - When Will I See You Again
2 Album

Just Can’t Get Enough
C Project Feat. Darrin Huss
Enjoy The Sounds – A Tribute To Depeche Mode
Orig. Depeche Mode
3 Album

See You
Day Behavior
Your World In Our Eyes: Tribute To Depeche Mode
Orig. Depeche Mode
4 Album

Only You
Even In Blackouts
Myths And Imaginary Magicians
Orig. Yaz/Yazoo
Even In Blackouts - Myths & Imaginary Magicians - Only You
5 Album

Don’t Go
Nouvelle Vague
Bande A’ Part
Orig. Yaz/Yazoo
Nouvelle Vague - Bande a Part - Don't Go
6 Album

In My Room
Nobody’s Diary – A Tribute To Yaz/Yazoo
Orig. Yaz/Yazoo
7 Album

Bjorn Again
Orig. Erasure
8 Album

A Little Respect
Trash Pour 4
Recycle Vol. 1
Orig. Erasure
Trashpour 4 - Recycle, Vol. 1 - A Little Respect
9 Album

Too Darn Hot
Red Hot + Blue: A Tribute To Cole Porter
Orig. Cole Porter

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