1 Album

Wild World
Jimmy Cliff
Reggae Spectacular
Orig. Cat Stevens
Jimmy Cliff - Ultimate Collection: Jimmy Cliff - Wild World
2 Album

Peace Train
Jann Arden
Uncover Me
Orig. Cat Stevens
Jann Arden - Uncover Me - Peace Train
3 Album

Moon Shadow
dukespan nyc
Songs From Our Past Vol. 1
Orig. Cat Stevens
Dukespan NYC - Songs from Our Past, Vol. 1 - Moon Shadow
4 Album

The First Cut Is The Deepest
PP Arnold
PP Arnold’s Would You Believe
Orig. Cat Stevens
PP Arnold - PP Arnold's Would You Believe - The First Cut Is the Deepest
5 Album

Sad Lisa
Naked Eyes
Fumbling With the Covers
Orig. Cat Stevens
Naked Eyes - Fumbling With the Covers - Sad Lisa
6 Album

Kristin Hersh
Everwood Soundtrack
Orig. Cat Stevens
Kristin Hersh - Everwood - Trouble
7 Album

Father & Son (Featuring Yusuf)
Ronan Keating
10 Years Of Hits
Orig. Cat Stevens
Ronan Keating & Yusuf - 10 Years of Hits - Father and Son
8 Album

Morning Has Broken
Ellen Greene
Pushing Daisies (Original Television Soundtrack)
Orig. Eleanor Farjeon/Cat Stevens
Ellen Greene - Pushing Daisies (Original Television Soundtrack) - Morning Has Broken
9 Album

I Love My Dog
Jo-Beth Taylor
102 Dalmatians (Bonus Disc)
Orig. Cat Stevens
Jo Beth Taylor - 101 Dalmatians and Friends - I Love My Dog
10 Album

I Think I See The Light
The Loud Family
What If It Works
Orig. Cat Stevens
The Loud Family - What If It Works? - I Think I See the Light

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