1 Album

Cheers (Live)
The Wildhearts
Strike Back
Orig. Gary Portnoy
Wildhearts - Strike Back - Cheers (Live)
2 Album

Un-Merry Melodies
Orig. Gary Portnoy
Bigwig - Unmerry Melodies - Cheers
3 Album

The Street Beater (Sanford And Son)
PErFect ThYroID
Skandalous: I’ve Gotcha Covered
Orig. Quincy Jones
4 Album

Theme From Star Trek
Nichelle Nichols
Out Of This World
Orig. Alexander Courage
Nichelle Nichols - Out of This World - Theme from "Star Trek"
5 Album

You Can Count On Me
Sammy Davis, Jr.
Hawaii Five-0 theme
Orig. Morton Stevens
6 Album

Love Boat Theme
Reel Big Fish
Blank CD
Orig. Jack Jones
7 Album

Red Dwarf Theme
Nothing More Than Something To Wear
Orig. Jenna Russell
JLK - Nothing More Than Something to Wear - Red Dwarf Theme
8 Album

Alice (New Girl In Town)
Stay Tuned
This Is Only A Test
Orig. Linda Lavin
Stay Tuned - This Is Only a Test - Alice (New Girl In Town)
9 Album

Greatest American Hero
Channel Surfing – The Telemaniacs
Orig. Mike Post/Joey Scarbury
Gashammer - Channel Surfing - The Telemaniacs - Greatest American Hero
10 Album

Josie And The Pussycats
Juliana Hatfield with Tanya Donelly
Saturday Morning Cartoons’ Greatest Hits
Orig. Denby Williams, Joseph Roland and Hoyt Curtin

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