1 Album

Mr. Blue Sky
Lily Allen
Orig. Electric Light Orchestra
2 Album

Living A Little, Laughing A Little
John Hiatt
Warming Up To The Ice Age
Orig. Spinners
3 Album

Harvey Danger
Dead Sea Scrolls
Orig. Hall & Oates
4 Album

Anita Kelsey
Dark City Soundtrack
Orig. Norman Gimbel
5 Album

About You
Pastels / Tenniscoats
Two Sunsets
Orig. Jesus & Mary Chain
Pastels & Tenniscoats - Two Sunsets - About You
6 Album

Just Dance (feat. Mr Dialysis)
Gary Go
Gary Go (Bonus Track Version)
Orig. Lady Gaga
Gary Go - Gary Go (Bonus Track Version) - Just Dance (feat. Mr Dialysis) [Bonus Track]
7 Album

Poker Face
Orba Squara
Orig. Lady Gaga
Orba Squara - Poker Face - Single - Poker Face

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