1 Album

Crazy In Love
The Puppini Sisters
The Rise And Fall Of Ruby Woo
Orig. Beyonce
The Puppini Sisters - The Rise and Fall of Ruby Woo - Crazy In Love
2 Album

Independent Woman
BBC Radio 1 session
Orig. Destiny’s Child
3 Album

Single Ladies
Mr Little Jeans
Orig. Beyonce
4 Album

Radio 1’s Live Lounge Volume 2
Orig. Destiny’s Child/Christina Aguilera
5 Album

Naughty Girl
Even Better Than the Real Thing, Vol. 2
Orig. Beyonce
6 Album

Jill Sobule
Folk Years 2003-2003
Orig. Destiny’s Child
7 Album

Say My Name
Guilt By Association
Orig. Destiny’s Child
Superchunk - Guilt By Association (Bonus Track Version) - Say My Name
8 Album

Irreplaceable [Explicit]
Robbie Fulks
50-vc. Doberman Sampler [Explicit]
Orig. Beyonce
Robbie Fulks - 50-vc. Doberman Sampler - Irreplaceable

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