Celebrating the birthday of lead singer and songwriter Andy Partridge with some fantastic XTC covers.
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1 Album

Making Plans for Nigel
Al Kooper
Rare and Well Done – The Greatest and Most Obscure Recordings 1964-2001
Orig. XTC
Al Kooper - Well Done - Making Plans for Nigel
2 Album

Ten Feet Tall
Scooby Don’t
King for a Day… An MP3 Tribute to XTC
Orig. XTC
3 Album

1,000 Umbrellas
The Format
Live From The Living Room: Volume One
Orig. XTC
The Format - B-Sides and Rarities - 1000 Umbrellas
4 Album

The Good Things
Terry & The Lovemen
A Testimonial Dinner – The Songs Of XTC
Orig. XTC
Terry and the Lovemen - Tribute to XTC - A Testimonial Dinner - The Good Things
5 Album

The Mayor Of Simpleton (live)
Joe Jackson
Boulder, 3/27/03
Orig. XTC
6 Album

All You Pretty Girls
Jim Moray
Low Culture
Orig. XTC
Jim Moray - Low Culture - All You Pretty Girls
7 Album

Love On A Farmboy’s Wages
The Poozies
Orig. XTC
8 Album

Another Satellite
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
Buffetlibre Rewind
Orig. XTC

9 Album

Dear God
Orig. XTC
Tricky - Vulnerable - Dear God
10 Album

Senses Working Overtime
Mandy Moore
Orig. XTC
Mandy Moore - Coverage - Senses Working Overtime

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