Part one of a five-part series featuring covers of artists who will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame this year. Tonight, we look at the music of Genesis, both in the Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins eras.

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1 Album

That’s All
Clare and The Reasons
Orig. Genesis
Clare and the Reasons - Arrow - That's All
2 Album

Turn It On Again
L’Aperitivo Italiano Parfum
Orig. Genesis
Gazzara - L'Aperitivo Italiano - Parfum - Turn It On Again
3 Album

Follow You, Follow Me
Red House Painters
Shanti Project Collection Vol. 1
Orig. Genesis
Red House Painters - Shanti Project Collection 1 - Follow You, Follow Me
4 Album

Carpet Crawlers
John Ford Of The Strawbs
The Fox Lies Down: A Tribute To Genesis
Orig. Genesis
John Ford - The Fox Lies Down: A Tribute to Genesis - Carpet Crawlers
5 Album

Back in NYC
Amy X Neuburg & the Cello ChiXtet
The Secret Language of Subways
Orig. Genesis
Amy X Neuburg - The Secret Language of Subways - Back In NYC
6 Album

Land of Confusion
Ten Thousand Fists (Bonus Video Version)
Orig. Genesis
Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists - Land of Confusion
7 Album

Invisible Touch
Unsung Zeros
..fading out..
Orig. Genesis
Unsung Zeros - Fading Out - EP - Invisible Touch
8 Album

I Can’t Dance
Sandra Colton
I Can’t Dance
Orig. Genesis
Sandra Colton - I Can't Dance - Single - I Can't Dance

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