In honor of the band’s 50th Anniversary, let’s showcase some great covers of the brothers Gibb, with a focus on some of their earlier hits. If your Bee Gees experience only goes back as far as the 70’s and disco, you’re in for a treat!

43 minutes |

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1 Album

Spicks And Specks
Status Quo
The Technicolour Dreams Of The Status Quo: The Complete 60s Recordings
Orig. Bee Gees
Status Quo - The Technicolour Dreams of the Status Quo - The Complete 60's Recordings - Spicks and Specks
2 Album

Turn Of The Century
The Fastbacks
Melody Fair – Songs Of The Bee Gees By…
Orig. Bee Gees
3 Album

You Won’t See Me
Bee Gees
1963-1966: Birth Of Brilliance
Orig. Beatles
4 Album

To Love Somebody
Eve Von Bibra & Joel Kurzel
The Beat Goes On — RocKwiz Duets Volume III
Orig. Bee Gees
5 Album

I Started A Joke
A Lifetime Of Temporary Relief
Orig. Bee Gees
6 Album

Run To Me
Laurie Lindeen
A Pregnant Pause EP
Orig. Bee Gees
7 Album

How Deep Is Your Love
Trash Pour 4
Recycle Vol. 1
Orig. Bee Gees
Trashpour 4 - Recycle, Vol. 1 - How Deep Is Your Love
8 Album

Stayin’ Alive
What a Difference …
Orig. Bee Gees
Various Artists - What a Difference... the Greatest Hits of Disco Reborn As Sexy Bossa and Acoustic Lounge - Stayin' Alive
9 Album

Tragedy (Digital Single)
Orig. Bee Gees
Celldweller - Tragedy - Single - Tragedy

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