coverville-cover-story-album.jpgBirthday schmirthday. Sometimes I do a cover story simply because I want to. And that’s the case with today’s show. Well, and because I’ve had a lot of requests for a Devo Cover Story. So I guess there’s that. Covers of and by Devo on tonight’s Coverville!

48 minutes |



Title Artist Album Original Artist
1 Album Jocko Homo Devo Now It Can Be Told: Devo At the Palace 12/9/88 Devo
2 Album Beautiful World Twink and Ajda the Turkish Queen Devo
3 Album Big Mess Dev2.0 Dev2.0 Devo Big
4 Album That’s Pep Tortoise & Bonnie “Prince” Billy The Brave and the Bold Devo
5 Album Freedom of Choice Z.X. Recorded In Brooklyn, 2005 Devo Freedom
6 Album Love Without Anger The Aquabats We Are Not Devo Devo
7 Album Mongoloid Popchor Berlin Devo
8 Album Head Like A Hole Devo Pioneers Who Got Scalped Nine Inch Nails
9 Album Whip It Dananananaykroyd Live on Triple J (31/07/09) Devo
10 Album Ohio Devo When Pigs Fly – Songs You Never Thought You’d Hear Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Ohio
11 Album Girl U Want Great Balancing Act Summer Devo Girl
12 Album Gates of Steel Mary Shelley Overdrive Hideous Sexy EP Devo

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