coverville-hodgepodge-album.jpgThis poor episode suffers from a lack of self identity. Sad, but true. Is it an all-request show? Is it an indie hodgepodge? Or is it a Lost In Translation episode? And how can you win a signed Erin McCarley tote bag, courtesy of Stetson? All will be revealed in this episode.

53 minutes |



Title Artist Album Original Artist
1 Album I Saw The Light Erin McCarley Erin McCarley Hank WIlliams
2 Album James Alley Blues Marco Mahler Laptop Campfire Speed Richard Rabbit Brown/Bob Dylan Laptop Campfire Speed
3 Album Berts Blues Tommy Dubs En Los Campos Donovan En los Campos
4 Album Psycho Killer Victoria Vox And Her Jumping Flea Talking Heads and Her Jumping Flea
5 Album Defaal Lu Wor Wasis Diop Africa Plays On Talking Heads Africa Plays On
6 Album Istanbul Pas Constantinople Ayhan and Ayse Sicimoglu Doublemoon Women Four Lads/They Might Be Giants (pop) Doublemoon Women

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