coverville-all-request-album.jpgBy request, covers of Crowded House, Peter Gabriel and Shel Silverstein! All this, Tina and trivia too, coming up on tonight’s Coverville.

64 minutes |



Title Artist Album Original Artist
1 Album Wild Life Chance Naive Medley: This Must Be The Coverville Tribute To The Talking Heads Talking Heads
2 Album 99 Problems Hugo 99 Problems Jay Z 99 Problems - 99 Problems - Single
3 Album Fall At Your Feet Boy & Bear He Will Have His Way: The Songs Of Tim And Neil Finn Crowded House Fall At Your Feet - He Will Have His Way - The Songs of Tim & Neil Finn
4 Album Solsbury Hill Dust Rhinos Second Set Peter Gabriel Solsbury Hill - Second Set
5 Album In My Life (live) Dave Matthews Live Bootleg Beatles
6 Album 25 Minutes To Go Pearl Jam Live At Benaroya Hall – Oct.22, 2003 Shel Silverstein/Johnny Cash 25 Minutes to Go - Pearl Jam - Live At Benaroya Hall - Oct. 22, 2003
7 Album Everybody Knows The Duhks The Duhks Leonard Cohen Everybody Knows - The Duhks
8 Album Femme Fatale Aloe Blacc Good Things Velvet Underground
9 Album I Love The Night Life Del Rubio Triplets Anthology Alicia Bridges
10 Album What A Year For New Year Dan Wilson Maybe This Christmas Dan Wilson

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