A-Capellaville.jpgCovers performed using the human voice (and in some cases, some electronic manipulation), on tonight’s Coverville!

57 minutes |



Title Artist Album Original Artist
1 Album Vehicle Tufts Beelzebubs Play the Game Ides of March Vehicle - Play the Game
2 Album Disturbia Pitch Slapped Disturbia – Single Rihanna Disturbia (A Cappella) - Disturbia (A Cappella) - Single
3 Album Just Dance Red States No Political Affiliation Lady Gaga No Political Affiliation - The Red States
4 Album I Want You Back Ithacappella Breakdown Jackson 5 I Want You Back - Breakdown
5 Album Bolero InsideOut Sharing Time Ravel Bolero - Sharing Time
6 Album Don’t Look Back In Anger Penny Loafers Diesel Oasis
7 Album That Thing You Do! Freshman Fifteen The Green Album One-Ders That Thing You Do! - The Green Album
8 Album The Chain Mile 21 Detour Fleetwood Mac The Chain - Detour
9 Album Put Your Records On No Comment Silent Treatment Corinne Bailey Rae Put Your Records On - Silent Treatment
10 Album What’s Up VIVA VOCE Singsucht Four Non Blondes What's Up - Singsucht
11 Album Take a Chance, Group Version Canvas Finally ABBA
12 Album King of Wishful Thinking Dissipated Eight After Hours Go West King of Wishful Thinking - After Hours

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