coverville-cover-story-album.jpgThe songs of The Who, covered by groups like The Scorpions and Graham Parker, tonight on Coverville!

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Title Artist Album Original Artist
1 Album The Kids Are Alright Boxmasters The Boxmasters Who The Kids Are Alright - The Boxmasters
2 Album Bargain Sherie Rene Scott Men I’ve Had Who Bargain - Men I've Had
3 Album I Can See For Miles Jim Basnight Who’s Not Forgotten: FDR’s Tribute To The Who Who
4 Album My Generation Chapeaumelon Eurotrip Who My Generation - Eurotrip
5 Album Substitute Graham Parker The Official Art Vandelay Tapes Who Substitute - The Official Art Vandelay Tapes
6 Album Won’t Get Fooled Again Wave Mechanics Union Second Season Who Won't Get Fooled Again - Second Season: Progressive and Classic Rock As Jazz
7 Album Baba O’Riley Joey Goldberger Music Portfolio Who
8 Album I Can’t Explain Scorpions Stairway To Heaven – Highway To Hell Who I Can't Explain - Gold: Scorpions
9 Album Pinball Wizard The Flying Vees Submission Who
10 Album I’m Free The Smithereens Tommy Who I'm Free - The Smithereens Play Tommy (Tribute to The Who)
11 Album Happy Jack Life In General The Lovely, Lovely Singing Who Happy Jack - the Lovely, Lovely Singing
12 Album The Seeker Rush Feedback Who The Seeker - Feedback
13 Album Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere Ocean Colour Scene Substitute: The Songs of The Who Who ITUNES

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