coverville-hodgepodge-album.jpgIf you can find something that these songs all have in common, then you’re a step ahead of me. Besides the fact that they were almost all submitted by independent artists and labels. And they’re all new and different takes on songs you may (or may not) know by heart.

49 minutes |


Title Artist Album Original Artist
1 Album So Lonely The Hippos Forget the World Police
2 Album Smokey Joe’s Cafe The V-Roys Sooner Or Later Leiber & Stoller/Robins
3 Album Time Of The Season SPIN Believe Zombies Time of the Season - Believe
4 Album Use Somebody Xavier & Ophelia X&O Kings of Leon Use Somebody - X&O
5 Album Rumour Has It Ellen Once Again Self-Proclaimed YouTuber Adele
6 Album Video Killed the Radio Star (Wonderful World) Arrica Rose & the …’s Let Alone Sea Buggles/Louis Armstrong Video Killed the Radio Star (Wonderful World) - Let Alone Sea
7 Album Going To California Anastasia Gilliam Slip Beneath The Covers Led Zeppelin Going to California - Slip Beneath the Covers (Vol. 1)
8 Album Atlantic City Rodney Parker & 50 Peso Reward Live In The Living Room Bruce Springsteen Atlantic City (Live) - Live in the Living Room
9 Album Single Again Red Heart The Ticker Your Name In Secret I Would Write Traditional
10 Album To Love Somebody Wez Milligan Submission Bee Gees

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