coverville-cover-story-album.jpgBy request, a tribute to Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry. Get your prog-rock hat on!

54 minutes |



Title Artist Album Original Artist
1 Album Love Is The Drug Hotrats Turn Ons Roxy Music Love Is the Drug - Turn Ons
2 Album Same Old Scene Cicada Uncovered Roxy Music Same Old Scene (Original) - Cicada (Special Edition)
3 Album Do The Strand Scissor Sisters War Child Presents Heroes Roxy Music Do yhe Strand - War Child - Heroes, Vol. 1
4 Album Let’s Stick Together Bryan Ferry Street Life – Greatest Hits Wilbert Harrison Street Life - 20 Greatest Hits - Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music
5 Album Slave To Love Róisín Murphy EMI Film and TV: Covers Bryan Ferry
6 Album Baby I Don’t Care Bryan Ferry These Foolish Things Elvis Presley
7 Album A Song For Europe David Gahan Dream Home Heartaches… Remaking-Remodeling Roxy Music Roxy Music
8 Album Crazy Love Bryan Ferry She’s Having A Baby Van Morrison Boys and Girls - Bryan Ferry
9 Album More Than This 10,000 Maniacs Love Among the Ruins Roxy Music More Than This - Love Among the Ruins
10 Album Oh Yeah The New Standards The New Standards Roxy Music The New Standards - The New Standards
11 Album Positively 4th Street Bryan Ferry Dylanesque Bob Dylan Positively 4th Street - Dylanesque

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