coverville-cover-story-album.jpgA long-overdue sequel to this show, featuring covers of the band from Boston!

60 minutes |



Title Artist Album Original Artist
1 Album You Might Think Weezer Cars 2 Cars You Might Think - Cars 2 (Original Soundtrack)
2 Album Bye Bye Love Frankenstein 3000 They’ll Be Waking Up Soon Cars Bye Bye Love - They'll Be Waking Up Soon
3 Album Just What I Needed The Brown Derbies We Deliver Cars
4 Album Touch And Go Jason Falkner Substitution Mass Confusion Cars
5 Album The Little Black Egg The Cars Just What I Needed Nightcrawlers
6 Album Drive Deftones Saturday Night Wrist Cars Drive (Bonus Track) - Saturday Night Wrist (Bonus Track Version)
7 Album Candy-O Out Out Newer Wave Cars Candy-O - The Rattle of the Cavity
8 Album Let’s Go Ernie Isley Rubáiyát: Elektra’s 40th Anniversary Cars
9 Album I’m Not The One Kid Lightning Intercontinental Pop Exchange No. 6 Cars I'm Not the One (Kid Lightning) - Intercontinental Pop Exchange No. 6
10 Album My Best Friend’s Girl Kris Delmhorst Cars Cars My Best Friend's Girl - Cars
11 Album Moving In Stereo Tangerene Pop Squad Presents 1978 Cars
12 Album All Mixed Up Red House Painters Songs For a Blue Guitar Cars All Mixed Up - Songs for a Blue Guitar

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