coverville-hodgepodge-album.jpgInspired by the highly-anticipated game, which goes into early access this week, let’s celebrate the music of one of my favorite movies!

37 minutes |


Title Artist Album Original Artist
1 Album Cantina Band The Alexandria Kleztet Peace, Love and Coffee Star Wars/John Williams Cantina Band - Peace, Love and Coffee
2 Album Vader The Taj Motel Trio Feels the Force Star Wars/John Williams ITUNES
3 Album Star Wars The Ventures Space 2001 Star Wars/John Williams Star Wars (Instrumental) - Space 2001
4 Album Imperial March (Leviathan Mix) Peter McConnell Force Commander (Promo) Star Wars/John Williams
5 Album Han Solo and the Princess Ukulele Force Ukulele Force Star Wars Best Covers Star Wars/John Williams
6 Album Binary Sunset Evil Genius Orchestra Cocktails In The Cantina Star Wars/John Williams Binary Sunset - Cocktails In the Cantina
7 Album Han Solo And The Princess (Love Theme) Boris Midney The Empire Strikes Back Star Wars/John Williams Han Solo and the Princess (Love Theme) - The Empire Strikes Back - EP

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