By suggestion, a Cover Story tribute to the Montreal-based indie band! (53 minutes)




Title Artist Album Original Artist More
1 The Suburbs Mr. Little Jeans RCRDLBL Covers Compilation Arcade Fire
2 Born On A Train The Arcade Fire KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic Magnetic Fields
3 Ocean Of Noise Calexico Intervention Arcade Fire
Album Ocean of Noise - Intervention / Ocean of Noise - Single
4 Keep The Car Running Foo Fighters Radio 1’s Live Lounge 3 Arcade Fire
Album Keep the Car Running (BBC Radio 1's Six Weeks of Summer) - Let It Die - EP
5 Wake Up Macy Gray Covered Arcade Fire
Album Wake Up - Covered (Bonus Version)
6 Crown of Love This Is Ivy League London Bridges EP Arcade Fire
7 My Body Is A Cage Peter Gabriel Scratch My Back Arcade Fire
Album My Body Is a Cage - Scratch My Back (Special Edition)
8 Five Years The Arcade Fire .2 Contamination: A Tribute To David Bowie David Bowie
9 No Cars Go Maxence Cyrin Novö Piano Arcade Fire
Album No Cars Go - Novö Piano
10 Intervention Renée Fleming Dark Hope Arcade Fire
Album Intervention - Dark Hope

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